Our new woodworking season is off to a good start. One full day workshop: Kitchen Utensil with Handtools is complete. A continuing workshop to build your own workbench, led by Tim Talma has started and the first National meeting and workshop highlighting Boat Builder Hilary Russell was a success and is in the books.

We have a fantastic line up of Local and National workshops scheduled. All of the Local workshops are “hands on”, you do the work along with the instructor. This is where the rubber meets the road. Your woodworking will go to the next level when you take these courses.

Our line up of National speakers is second to none. You always learn something, usually many things from these pro’s. Our next speaker, Mike Mascelli has been here before and the topic this time is “Brown and Shiny”. I f you finish your projects by hand or want to match an existing finish or repair a finish, this workshop is for you. Sign up today.

As a card carrying member of RWS you have at your disposal the best woodworking library around. I f you go to our website, you can download a copy of the database of everything Connie has in the system. Did you also notice that Connie highlights some of our offerings with National speakers topic?

As I mentioned at the National meeting last month, we will be sending out an email with a link to a short survey to gauge what you want from RWS, What is working and what isn’t. Please take the time to take the survey. We do not ask for any personal information and it is completely anonymous. But this info is important to us.

As you know, all the leaders of RWS are volunteers. We all put in a lot of time to make RWS a success. We have 3 core groups: Board of Directors, SIG Leaders and Short Term Volunteers. We currently are in the need of one Board position: Publicity Chair. Currently I am pulling double duty so if there is anyone out who takes pity on me, let me know…. The SIG Leaders are currently solid. However, we would like to expand the Short Term Volunteer group. This position has a variable range from being available to help out anytime, to performing special tasks suited to your skill set to sitting on a short or long term committee to resolve a focused issue. Being part of the Short Term Volunteers group is a great way to get involved and help out the club.

While we will not be having an RWS Showcase in 201 5, we do plan on having it again in April of 201 6. I know this sounds like a long time off but start planning your projects now. We also need to form a committee to head up the Showcase. We will be utilizing the master plan that the last committee developed so half the work is already done. See me if interested. I t is never too early to start planning this event.

Please consider helping out in one of these positions.