Speaker / Workshops Season 2017-18

We are working hard to finalize the speaker / workshop lineup for our next season (2017-18). Here is the most recent information: National Speaker / Workshops September 2017 - Mark Adams October 2017 - Steve Latta November 2017 - Tom Wirsing January 2018 - Lee Valley...
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From The Chair – April 2017

Building Chairs About ten years ago my daughter bought an Arts and Craft style desk but decided to wait awhile before investing in a chair to go with it. As luck would have it, I soon came across an article in a woodworking magazine with plans for an Arts and Craft...
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From The Chair – February 2017

RWS and You One of the things the RWS Board cares about is where you want RWS to go. After all, this is an organization whose only purpose is to serve its members. In this newsletter, I’d like to start a dialogue between the Board and you to find out more about your...
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From The Chair – December 2016

On Woodworkers and Woodworking What is it about woodworking that more than 200 of us find so irresistible? Perhaps it’s because it teaches us things about ourselves we might not otherwise recognize. For example, through my woodworking I learned I’m a perfectionist. I...
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From The Chair – October 2016

On Volunteering Looking around our National Meetings one can’t help but notice a lot of white hair – or as in my case, none at all. What this seems to suggest about RWS members is not a lack of vibrancy, but a degree of control over how one spends his or her time. So...
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From The Chair – August 2016

Exciting things are happening this year. But before telling you about them, let me do a little updating and inform everyone about a few organizational changes. First, you may wonder why Brett Templar's name isn't at the head of this column. Brett, as you know, has...
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From The Chair – April 2016

Looking back ... moving forward I want to start by talking about the Showcase: The Showcase is a way to show the Public what we do, show them our skill levels and pick up some additional RWS members. We are all RWS Ambassadors. So, while at the Showcase, we want you...
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From The Chair – February 2016

So, What did you buy at the Lie-Nielsen Tool Show and sale? I bought the Inlay Radius Cutter and I can't wait to use it in Tim Talma's Inlay workshop in April. There are still some opening left so get signed up while they last.Have you taken advantage of any of our...
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From The Chair – December 2015

Tis the Season!...... for woodworking.Got some nice gift ideas for yourself in mind? Don't forge the Lie-Nielsen Tool Show coming in January. How about dropping a hint that a Lie-Nielsen Gift Card would be nice. That way when you are buying something at the tool showJ...
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From The Chair – October 2015

Our club activities are off to a great start. We have already held 2 Local Workshops: Kitchen Utensils with Hand tools w/Brett, Intro to Power Tools w/Alan and one National lecture and Workshop w/Mario. Some of us went on a field trip to Naples to visit Dick Baker's...
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From The Chair – August 2015

What could be better than this time of year; warm weather. Football gearing up and thinking about heading back into the workshop!Most of us take the Summer off from woodworking replacing it with other activities. Some of us stay the course and continue making things...
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Local Workshops for 2016-17

  • Making Kitchen Utensils with Hand Tools – Brett Templar
  • Hand Cut Dovetails – Bob Couture
  • Making a sand shaded fan – Tim Talma
  • Power tool safety – Alan VanDeMoere
  • Multi-part workshop on building a small shaker table – Alan VanDeMoere
  • Introduction to spindle turning – Mike Brawley
  • Making edge tools – Bob Couture and David Gilbert
  • Turning a pen and bottle stopper – Mike Hatchy

National Speakers for 2016-17

We are a group of men and women in Upstate NY dedicated to the enjoyment of woodworking. Membership includes lectures and workshops by renowned woodworking personalities and local professionals as well as free access to our extensive lending library of books and videos.

RWS welcomes everyone interested in the craft whether professional or hobbyist. Join the company of hundreds of enthusiasts – carvers, turners, furniture makers, boat builders, and other skilled craftspeople and take your woodworking skills to a new level.