On Friday night’s lecture, Bob Van Dyke will talk about his work and experiences as woodworker. The meeting will begin at 7:45 p.m. on Friday, April 27 in room 100 in the Wegmans School of Nursing (download printable map) rather than 125 Basill on the campus of St. John Fisher College.

Bob will teach a demo workshop on Saturday April 28, in one half of the workshop he will discuss “The Basics of Using Veneers to Create Outrageous Patterns!“, and during the second half “Oops – That was not really a part of the Plan … Fixing Woodworking Mistakes with Bob Van Dyke“.

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Bob’s approach to teaching centers on the belief that people learn “by doing rather than by watching”. Successful contemporary furniture making also depends on utilizing a sensible combination of machine woodworking and handwork. Bob’s classes feature hands-on woodworking projects that require mastery of a combination of hand tools and machines.


Prior to the meeting, we will hold a silent auction where you can sell items that are no longer needed. Please fill out this  Silent Auction Form with the minimum price and incremental bid amount and bring it with your items on Friday, one form per item. The silent auction will begin at 7 p.m. (Note: 10% sellers donation to RWS is appreciated).