Virtual Visit: Tim will do both his Friday evening presentation and his Saturday workshop via Zoom.

Tim Coleman creates custom furniture in a shop he built a few paces from his home in rural Western Massachusetts. He has been designing and building furniture for clients and exhibition for more than 30 years, since apprenticing with Curt Minier in Seattle, WA and studying at the College of the Redwoods with James Krenov in the 1980s. Tim is known for his graceful and dynamic furniture forms which feature richly patterned and textured surfaces. Among many techniques, he uses low-relief carving, marquetry, and texturing with steel stamps in ways that put a new spin on traditional embellishment.

His award-winning furniture has been featured in The Boston Globe, Australian Wood Review, the British magazine Furniture and Cabinetmaking, and in numerous books on furniture design and practice.

As passionate as Coleman is about creating his distinctive furniture, he is equally excited to pass on his knowledge. He is a frequent contributor to Fine Woodworking Magazine and has taught at numerous schools throughout the US. In the past several years, he has built a large and devoted following on Instagram, where his informative and entertaining videos on process and technique are enjoyed by thousands.

Tim’s Friday presentation (Nov 20 @ 6:45) will be Creative Embellishments: A Fresh Look at Old Techniques 

Tim Coleman’s Friday evening lecture will introduce you to the many surface embellishment techniques that he has worked with over the past 30 years. This visually rich presentation shows how he experiments with techniques in a free-form way before trying them out on larger pieces of furniture.

Techniques include texturing surfaces with custom steel stamps, overlaying scroll sawn patterns on contrasting wood, pierce cutting panels, and more. Sometimes based on traditional methods for creating patterns and textures, but expressed in a contemporary way, these techniques give him many ways to add detail, personality and expression to his distinctive pieces. Some techniques are quite easy to learn, such as stamping, which Tim says, “…allows a degree of spontaneity and freedom that is a nice contrast to the planful, focused aspects of building a piece of furniture.”

Thick, shopsawn veneer features extensively in Tim’s work. “Thick veneer gives me more freedom to manipulate the material,” he says. “I can handle it more like very thin solid wood and do things that would not be possible with commercial veneer.” During his workshop on Saturday, he will demonstrate how he uses thick veneer to create some of his effects.

Tim’s Saturday morning demonstration workshop (Nov 21st from 9am – 11am) is titled Thick Veneer: Another Dimension

Tim’s Saturday demonstration will show how he uses thick veneer to create two different effects: a parquet table top and a scroll sawn pattern overlaid on a contrasting wood layer. He will demonstrate how he generates a pattern, chooses the material, and cuts patterns on the scroll saw. He will also show what types of glues and pressing methods he uses. There will be time for questions along the way.

The cost of this workshop is $10.

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