Luthiers SIG

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Would you like to collaborate with like-minded people about building or repairing stringed instruments? Have you already dabbled? Have you built before? Or have you just been dipping your toe in the water but been reluctant to dive in? We’d love to have you!

Our focus has been acoustic guitars, but our regulars have also built cigar box guitars, dulcimers, ukuleles, lutes, and a violin. Building a guitar as a group that meets once a month was VERY slow, but that’s what we did first. Our new focus is on building and sharing specialized tools and fixtures so that we can knock down some of the barriers to entry to building your own!

By the way, our best meetings are when somebody brings a tool or an instrument or a problem. Got something like that? Bring it!

Drop an email to luthiersig@rochesterwoodworkers.org and we’ll put you on our list so you get reminders of meetings and any changes in schedule or venue.

Regular meeting time and place:

Third Tuesday of the month, 7:30 – 10:00 at Al’s shop, 18 Port Meadow Trl, Fairport.


Miscellaneous News

Comprehensive presentation of the CITES ban on all species of Dalbergia including Bubinga for commercial import & export.