Furniture and General Woodworking SIG

Hand Plane IconThe Furniture and General Woodworking SIG covers miscellaneous flat woodworking and more.  In addition to furniture making, we have had presentations on stained glass, repairing music boxes, making your own hardware, making tools, inlay, finishing, shop layouts, SketchUp, design, and more.

We meet on the first Thursday of each month, from September to June.  We usually meet at CP Rochester, unless otherwise noted. We begin gathering about 6:15 PM, to get set up and have a chance to chat with other members.

The actual meeting begins at 6:30 PM with a few brief comments. From there we get right into the featured presentation, where someone will talk about making boxes, jigs and fixtures, toys, setting up or making our shops more productive, tools, finishing, furniture and just about anything that is woodworking related. We keep some time open for attending members to discuss projects, tools, encountered woodworking problems, solutions, general questions, club news etc.

So why not stop in and joins for the evening! Hope to see you there.

REMEMBER…. Any day you can make sawdust is a good day, and if you can’t make it, then at least you can talk about it.

Schedule for the 2019-2020 season:

Dec 5 Woodworking experiences Laszlo Boros CP Rochester
Jan 2 Sketchup Dave Sumberg CP Rochester
Feb 6 Finishing techniques Mike Heiler Mike’s Shop
March 5 Various layout/marking aids etc Greg Miller CP Rochester
April 2 Demo CNC fabrication of cabinetry Barrett Wood Prod On site – CANCELLED
May 7 Long board/skate bd & Krenov cab Russ Lipp CP Rochester  – CANCELLED


Hope this finds everyone well and covered with saw dust from having all this “free time” to do all you have been wanting to do in the shop. I’m sure you anticipated this, but I thought I would make it official. The last SIG meeting for the season is officially cancelled.

Russ Lipp has agreed to start off the 2020-2021 season in September. This covid19 thing better be over by then. Some of the early meetings may be a little less organized than past meetings, so I ask for some leniency. Maybe we can just gather and talk about our experience over this time and some things you may have done in your shop. If you have something you are willing to talk about/show, that would be great. I will try to reschedule some of the showings that were cancelled. If you have an idea for next season, I would like to hear it.

You can reach me at furnituresig@rochesterwoodworkers.org, or call me on my cell and we can talk about it.

I appreciate all the support over the years. I look forward to next season to see all your smiling faces and hear what you have been working on. I believe there is a chance we still may have our Showcase in October.

So for now, be safe, stay healthy, and keep smiling. That last one makes others wonder what you know that they don’t. I won’t tell if you don’t. Enjoy your summer!