On Friday, February 15, 2019, furniture maker, Scott Grove will be talking about his experiences during our membership meeting. The meeting will begin at 7:45 p.m. in 135 Basil Hall on the campus of St. John Fisher College.

For or more than 40 years, Scott Grove has been an award-winning artist, sculptor, designer, and furniture maker; he’s also an author, teacher, and lecturer in the USA and UK. He’s an upcoming You Tube personality, too. He will share his inspiration, his experiences, his huge body of work, and his story, from becoming a professional artist at sixteen years of age through his most recent accomplishment, winning the Editor’s Choice Award from Popular Woodworking Magazine. Explore and discover the world of Scott Grove!

On Saturday, February 16, 2019, Scott Grove will be demonstrating “Curved Edge Joinery and Cold Metal Casting” from 9AM to 4PM at his workshop in Canandaigua, NY. The cost of this workshop is $50 (First year RWS membership free with registration for a national speaker workshop).

  • Cold metal casting for woodworkers – this was a topic of Scott’s recent Fine Woodworking master class article. He will show how, in 20 minutes, you can make a mold and cast a cold bronze cabinet pull, finial or embellishment from just about any object. Custom sculpted wood forms, found objects like a pine cone, or your child’s big toe.
  • Curved joinery – how to apply hardwood edging to a curved table, which is the topic of Scott’s recent book.

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This workshop is a must for professionals and beginners alike who are making curved tables, or surfaces of any kind. This easy-to-understand demonstration shows you how to apply a hardwood edge and a variety of inlays to a curved table edge.

It’s for anyone who wants to take their furniture to the next level; the objective is to add an incredible range of exciting curved edge possibilities for woodworkers. Scott will reveal a simple system by using a set of large offset template guides on a router, and when used properly, accurately mates a hardwood seam to any curve.

Scott Grove Mark Gem
Workshop attendees will learn how to create stunning curved edges for any table or project as shown on this photo.
For a preview of curved edge joinery, check out this video


Prior to the meeting, we will hold a silent auction where you can sell items that are no longer needed. Please fill out this  Silent Auction Form with the minimum price and incremental bid amount and bring it with your items on Friday, one form per item. The silent auction will begin at 7 p.m. (Note: 10% sellers donation to RWS is appreciated).