Natural Edge Workshops I and II – 2020-21


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Description: Natural Edge Workshops I and II with Alan Van De Moere

Making something from a natural edge slab presents some unique woodworking challenges.  For starters, the design of the slab and it’s supporting members (conventional wooden legs, steel weldments, waterfall edge, logs/branches/crooks, etc.) help to define a piece that may or may not work together aesthetically.  Then there is the challenge of sourcing your slab.  It can be heavy.  It can have multiple defects.  It may not be stable.  It is likely to be expensive.  It isn’t going to fit into your power equipment!  At any rate, you will fall in love with a hunk of wood that will challenge you every step of the way.  Now if you are lucky enough to get a slab into your workshop you may be surprised to learn that not everyone else may love it simply because of the intrinsic beauty of your wood.  You need to have an idea for size/scale/finish/legs and possibly a solid design for your slab.  You need to flatten that monster, no easy task.   You need to work the natural edges and decide what you will do with the sawn edges.  You will need to fix defects.  Then you are going to put some type of protective finish on your slab and hopefully affix legs that complement and complete the piece.  Now, everyone will love your slab; just as you did in it’s raw wooden state.

Let me show you some of the mistakes that I have made along the way while working with slabs.  I can share with you some of my designs and why I like or dislike some.  I will show you a natural edge executive desk created in collaboration with the client.  I’m looking forward to live interactions with you during the sessions.  Your comments and suggestions may change the course of the design.  In two consecutive sessions one month apart I’ll attempt to fabricate a natural edge walnut bench.  This bench should be appropriate for any natural edge table, bench, shelf, etc., that you may be thinking of constructing.  During the workshop, we will cover:

  • Design, sourcing and management of the slab,
    • selecting and buying your slab
    • storing and drying your slab
    • designing your slab
  • Fabricating/working the slab,
    • Edge treatment
    • Correcting defects/imperfections
    • Flattening
    • Smoothing
    • Sharpening tools
  • Finishing the slab
    • Finish options
    • Leg options and attachment of legs

Date: January 27th and February 24th, starting at 7PM (running 60 minutes to 90 minutes in length)

Location: Online via Zoom meeting

NOTE: you must be a current RWS member to attend any workshop


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