Paul Schürch’s woodworking career started during highschool, which led him to study under several European masters of the trades.

Paul held apprenticeships in piano and pipe organ building, boat building, furniture restoration, and marquetry with both wood and stone. These experiences instilled in him an aptitude for finding material solutions, creating different processes, and tuning his sense of design esthetics in creating fine furniture and art. Keeping the broader picture in mind while doing the finer detail work, initiated his journey in becoming a master furniture maker, teacher, and veneer artist.

Marc Adams describes Paul’s work and impact as follows: Paul’s work is always original. It’s common to see work today that is similar to Paul’s but made by others. One turning point in any craftsman’s life is seeing the impact your work has on others. It’s clear that working with veneer has changed in America during the past few decades partly because of Paul’s dedication to perpetuating the craft. excerpt from The Difference Makers by Marc Adams (2019)

Paul’s Friday evening lecture will focus on some of his experiences in Europe, an overview of veneering, and exploration of the many different facets of fine furniture and marquetry.

His Saturday workshop will be about learning the process of designing and drawing furniture in ways that can be original, while at the same time establishing a clear approach for practical design. The workshop is organized for those who are already planning and creating complex furniture, teaching design, or just starting out. Ultimately, Paul’s workshop will give a valuable and fresh insight on his intuitive design process and how you can both envision and create useful shop drawings.

Lunch can be purchased at the door in the morning of the workshop (subs or pizza) for $10 or you can bring your own lunch.

The cost of this workshop is $55 (First year RWS membership free with registration for a national speaker workshop).

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More information about Paul and his work can be found on his website:


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