Past National Speakers

Each year the National Speaker Committee works to identify visiting speakers who have a unique perspective or history with our members. Below are many of our visiting speakers, who represent a wide-variety of backgrounds and expertise.


Scott Grove Developing Designs and Template Routing
Matt KenneyFurniture, Box Making, and Kumiko
Tim ColemanSurface Embellishments and Venering
Owain HarrisFurniture Making, CNC, and Adding Curves to Your Work
David FisherGreenwood Carving
Mike KorsakFurniture Making and Building a Drawer
Mary MayWoodcarving tools and Techniques
David EllsworthWood Turning


Mike Mascelli HO Studley and Finishing
Tom McLaughlinGrain Graphics and Veneering
Paul SchurchFine Furniture and Marquetry
Seri RobinsonSpalted Wood
Alf SharpFurniture and Hermitage Restoration


Mike DanialStickley Historian
Scott GroveFurniture Maker
Mike HosalukWoodturner
Yoav LibermanFurniture Designer and Maker
John JordanWoodturner – Life’s Work
Kathy Wise Intarsia – Life’s Work
Mitch Kohanek Finisher


Bob Van Dyke             Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking
Doug Stowe                Custom furniture and small boxes
Mark Hedin                 Homebuilder and fine furniture
Tom Wirsing               Turner
Steve Latta                  Thaddeus Stevens College
Marc Adams                Marc Adams: His work and school


Jeff Miller                    Chairs and the design process
Jim Altemus                Genesee Country Village and Museum
Greg Johnson              Finishing, restoration, conservation
John Beaver                Wood Turner – Wave bowl
Allan Breed                 Newport Furniture – design techniques for carvings
Darrel Peart                Furniture Maker – Style of Greene and Greene
Ron Herman               Antiquity Builders and Woodworking with Ron


Lou Irion                     Irion Lumber
Craig Smith                 Music Box Restoration
Tom Lie-Nielsen         Hand Tool Maker
Mike Pekovich            Fine Furniture and Fine Woodworking Magazine
Stuart Batty                 Woodturner
Kevin Rodel                 Arts and Crafts Furniture
Mario Rodriguez        Woodworker


Garrett Hack               Furniture Maker – Motivations and Methodology
Bob Yorburg                Carver
George Perzel             Laser Engraving/Art
Glen Huey                   Furniture Maker – Period Furniture
Nick Cook                    Woodturner
Mike Masceli              Furniture Restorer/Refinisher
Hilary Russell            Cane/Kayak Builder


Peter Follansbee         17th Century Joined Furniture
Mary May                   Carver
Chuck Rinehart           Furniture Maker
Bernie Lehmann         Luthier
Douglas Green             Furniture Maker – NO
John Lucas                   Woodturner


Greg Johnson              Finishing
Phillip Lowe                 Period Furniture
Keith Tompkins           Woodturner
Rich Hoven                  Historical Barn Structures
Nancy Hiller                Kitchen Design
Peter Galbert              Windsor Chairs


Silas Kopf                    The Techniques and Artistry of Marquetry
Scott Grove                 Advanced Veneering Techniques
Peter Galbert              Windsor Chairs
Bill Grumbine              Bowl Turning Techniques
George Walker            Unlocking the Designer inside you
Michael Fortune         Design and Construction Process with Examples
Will Neptune               Router Jigs & Fixtures for Furniture Construction


Chris Schwarz             Woodworker and Author
Binh Pho                      Woodturner
Frank Klausz                Fine Furniture and Reproductions
James Plukas               Furniture Maker
Don McConnell           Plane Maker
Steve Latta                  Period Furniture
Gregory Vadney          Stickley Museum


Greg Johnson              Finishing Basics
Al Stirt                         International perspectives on wood turning
Rob Lee                       Lee valley and Veritas product development
Marc Adams                Marc Adams School of Woodturning
Ernie Conover             The Dovetail history, signifiance and tooling
Jeff Headley                Fine/Period Furniture
Marc St. Ledger           Passing it down


Scott Grove                 Contemporary Classic Furniture
Alan Lacer                   Turning with a Skew
Mike Mascelli              Basic Upholstery for woodworkers
John Dodd                   Creativity and Design
Dave Hout                   Turning a metal bowl and a natural-edge bowl
Graham Blackburn    Furniture by design & hand tools


Don Geiger                  Woodturner
Tom Pafk                     Custom Handmade Furniture
Michael Mascelli        Upholstery
Kelly Mehler               Fine furniture
Gene Landon              Reproduction furniture


Cindy Drozda              Woodturner
Nick Schade                Canoes & Kayaks
Curt Theobald             Segmented turning
Garrett Hack               Hand Planes


Darrel Peart                Furniture in the style of Greene and Greene
Chuck Rinehart           Fine furniture
Alan Breed                  Newport furniture
Gary Rogowski            Tools, fixtures and jigs
David Marks                Contemporary furniture and finishes
Giles Gilson                 Turning sculptural forms


Roy Underhill              The Woodwright’s Shop
Thomas Lie-Nielsen   Tool Maker
Steve Latta                  Cabinetmaker & Instructor
Lyle Jamieson              Woodturner & Artist
Phil Lowe                    Period Furniture Maker and Teacher
Don Williams              Furniture Conservator, Smithsonian Institute


Brian Boggs                 Chairmaker


Bob Henry                   Furniture
David Ellsworth          Woodturner
Greg Rossel                 Boat Builder


Kelly Mehler School of Woodworking
Russ Jacobsohn           Carving
Doug Mooberry          Period Furniture
Betty Scarpino             Woodturner, Wood Art
Frank Klausz                Fine Furniture and Reproductions


David Wright               Windsor Chairs
Steve Loar                   Furniture Design
Craig Stevens              Furniture Maker – Marquetry
Jeff Jewett                   Finishing
Mitch Kohanek            Finishing
Judy Ditmer                Woodturner
Alan Lancer                 Woodturner
Roger Cliffe                 Table Saw Techniques