Virtual Visit: Owain will do both his Friday evening presentation and his Saturday workshop via Zoom.

Owain Harris is a self-taught woodworker who operates a one man studio in Gonic NH where he builds custom furniture and cabinetry. He began his career in wood as a framing carpenter in 1997 and after several years working as both a finish carpenter and remodeler, he entered the shop full-time as a cabinetmaker in 2008. He is a juried member of both the League of NH Craftsmen and the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association.

His work has received multiple awards, including a Pinnacle Award from the International Society of Furniture Designers and the Veneertech Craftsman Challenge Award in the Furniture category.

I make furniture and I suppose that makes me a furniture maker. I have never been completely comfortable with the idea that it makes me an artist. It certainly makes me an artisan, and that’s a term a man can hang his hat on. I use solid wood as well as natural and dyed veneers to create a sense of drama that is punctuated with playful whimsy. I enjoy experimenting with proportion and asymmetry to create pieces that I describe as having “approachable elegance”. I think of it as furniture that is serious, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Owain and his work have been featured in numerous publications such as Fine Woodworking and NH Home Magazine. Owain shares his passion for furniture making and design through writing and teaching around the country. You can see more of his work and read about his Airstream project at his website: https://owainharris.com/

Owain’s Friday presentation (Jan 29 @ 6:45) will be Where Am I Going and How Did I Get Here?

In his Friday evening lecture, Owain will review his journey from framing carpenter to furniture maker. He will discuss his work, inspiration and design process while looking at recently completed projects, as well as what’s on the bench now and in the future. Finally Owain will explore his decision to embrace the digital age and integrate a CNC router into his work-flow. He will show how his “robot assistant” has become both a design tool and an engine of creativity in his furniture practice.

Owain’s Saturday morning demonstration workshop (Jan 30th from 9am – 11am) is titled Adding Curves to Your Work

Nothing opens up design possibilities as much as moving from rectilinear furniture to the world of curved forms. In this two-part lecture and demonstration, Owain will explore one technique to add curved components to your furniture design — the bent lamination.

Owain’s workshop will be in two parts:
In Part One, he will cover making molds and forms for parallel, tapered and wide panel laminations, as well as discussing the materials, adhesives and tools needed to get perfect bends every time.

In Part Two, He will show how to square up the completed laminations, cut to final dimensions, and approach joinery. Finally some time will be given to clamping and glue-up strategies for curved components.

The cost of this workshop is $10.

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The Zoom link for the Friday meeting will be sent to members via email. A Zoom link for the Saturday workshop will be sent to all of those who register within 12 hours of the start time.

Our Friday meetings and lectures will begin at 6:45 this year. Guest presentations will begin around 7:00pm.

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