National Speakers

Scott Grove (September 18 and 19)

Scott Grove is an international award-winning master craftsman, a woodworker, artist, sculptor, teacher, author, tool designer, and YouTuber who lectures, demonstrates, and judges at national conferences as well as regional and local woodworking groups.

Matt Kenney (October 16 and 17)

Matt Kenney is known for developing a design aesthetic based on clean lines, complementary woods, and grain that often speaks volumes through its simplicity. His 52 box project garnered considerable attention and his teaching portfolio includes boxes, furniture design, and kumiko, among other topics.

Tim Coleman (November 20 and 21)

Tim studied with James Krenov at the College of the Redwoods and then took off in his own direction that explores patterns and textures using a combination of marquetry, carving, embossing, and parquetry.

Owain Harris (January 29 and 30)

Owain is a self-taught woodworker who operates a one man studio in Gonic NH where he builds custom furniture and cabinetry. He began his career in wood as a framing carpenter in 1997 and after several years working as both a finish carpenter and remodeler, he entered the shop full-time as a cabinetmaker in 2008.  He is known for integrating the CNC machine into his work, alongside both powertools and handtools.

David Fisher (February 19 and 20)

David is a master at starting with a log and using hand tools to carve bowls and spoons that are both incredibly beautiful and a joy to use.

Mike Korsak (March 19 and 20)

Mike is a furniture maker, writer, teacher, and craftsman who builds furniture grounded in traditional designs, but with specific elements that make then uniquely his own.

Mary May (April 16 and 17)

Mary will share about her woodcarving journey and how she got started in traditional woodcarving. She will discuss tools used and basic carving techniques, and will do a short carving demo.

David Ellsworth (May 21)

David is the founding member of the American Association of Woodturners, of which he was president from 1986-1991, and its first Honorary Lifetime Member. He has written over fifty articles on subjects related to craft and woodturning.

Notes about our Meetings

Our times have changed this year. RWS typically holds eight meetings a year between September and May. Normally, we meet in the St. John Fisher College campus (details below); however, for the time being, all of our meetings will be online. The general meeting begins at 6:45 PM and typically involves a series of announcements, updates and a raffle. A presentation by our visiting national speaker begins at 7:00 PM and usually lasts about an hour.

Non-members are welcome to attend monthly meetings free of charge.

Most national speakers typically facilitate a workshop the next day. These workshops are typically 2-3 hours in length and will normally start at 9:00am. New members receive a free membership when they register for their first workshop. More information about our workshops is available here.

Most of our face-to-face meetings are in Basil Hall of the St. John Fisher Campus. There are usually RWS signs with arrows at each of the main campus entrances. More information about the location of our meetings is available here.