On Friday evening, April 12th at 7:45 in 135 Basil Hall on the campus of St. John Fisher College Mike Danial will be giving the RWS lecture at the last membership meeting of the 2018-19 season.

Mike is the company historian at Stickley. Mike went to work at Stickley as a young man, 44 years ago, and has worked his way through virtually every manufacturing process of the company. Stickley was in difficult straits in the 1970s but began to return to its former prosperity and purpose once the Audi family purchased it IN TO 70s. Mike was there to watch the evolution that brought it back to its roots as a successful manufacturer that refused to stint on quality and he will provide some vision as to what that journey entailed. He wants to present himself to the members, not as some kind of a salesman for the company, but with personal stories that he experienced in the factory over several decades of work.

Mike currently wears two hats; as the historian of Stickley, and also as a gifted restorer of furniture. At the Stickley museum in Manlius there are dozens of pieces from previous generations on display that he has meticulously restored. In the Friday night lecture Mike will talk about the journey he has forged through his personal and working life and how it has led him to the satisfying place where he resides today. The Saturday April 13th workshop (9:00 AM to 3:00 PM) will be held in the Stickley store at Eastview Mall. There he will go over the elements of design, as well as giving a demonstration of finishing and restoration techniques, along with personal anecdotes and tips and tricks about repair and restoration.

The cost of this workshop is $50 (First year RWS membership free with registration for a national speaker workshop).

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Prior to the meeting, we will hold a silent auction where you can sell items that are no longer needed. Please fill out this  Silent Auction Form with the minimum price and incremental bid amount and bring it with your items on Friday, one form per item. The silent auction will begin at 7 p.m. (Note: 10% sellers donation to RWS is appreciated).