RWS typically holds eight meetings a year between September and May. We meet in the St. John Fisher College campus (details below). The general meeting begins at 7:45 PM and typically involves a series of announcements, updates and a raffle. A presentation by our visiting national speaker begins at 8:00 PM and usually lasts about an hour.

Non-members are welcome to attend monthly meetings free of charge.

Prior to each meeting there are several display tables on which members share their work. This can be something made by a member or might be a fix or fixture they use to accomplish some task. There are several tables with books and DVDs from our large woodworking lending library. These can be checked out by members for a month at a time. There is also a table for silent auction items, which are typically tools or accessories that members are looking to sell (often for VERY reasonable prices). Finally, the national speaker usually has table for displaying their work and / or books.

National speakers typically facilitate a workshop the next day. These workshops are typically 6 hours in length, with an hour for lunch. New members receive a free membership when they register for their first workshop. More information about our workshops is available here.

Most of our meetings are in Basil Hall of the St. John Fisher Campus. There are usually RWS signs with arrows at each of the main campus entrances. More information about the location of our meetings is available here.