Online Presentation: We are proud to welcome Gary Rogowski as our virtual visitor for the May meeting of RWS.

Gary Rogowski has built furniture for over 40 years in Portland, Oregon.  In 1991 he was awarded the Oregon Arts Commission fellowship in Crafts. He was a Contributing Editor for Fine Woodworking Magazine for 15 years, with two books and dozens of published articles. In 1997, he started his own school, The Northwest Woodworking Studio. www.NorthwestWoodworking.com.

His latest book is entitled: Handmade, Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction. Check out his webcast: Splinters with Gary Rogowski. 

Gary has spent most of his life in Portland having migrated from Chicago to attend Reed College. He earned a degree in literature but found a career in woodworking more to his liking. His work has made its way into shows and galleries throughout the country including the Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Artquake in Portland and The Real Mother Goose. He participated in the Table Lamp and Chair Show series, had a piece in the Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art Museum, and was the recipient of an Oregon Arts Commission Crafts Fellowship. He has worked with clients for both private and public commissions including work for Temple Beth Israel, St. Juan Diego, the Oregon Forest Service, and the Oregon State Archives.

Northwest Woodworking School Podcast

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