“Keep trying new things”

Current restrictions make the facilities at St. John Fisher Basil Hall, St Michael’s workshop and CP Rochester unavailable. So now we “Keep trying new things”. We’ve learned about on-line production through our members, other similar groups and YouTube personalities. As a result RWS has new on-line workshop capabilities for 2020-2021.


Remember, “We don’t make mistakes – we make adjustments”. RWS ON-LINE is one such adjustment for this year. RWS ON LINE is an additional resource for monthly meetings, national speakers and national/local workshops. When our traditional meeting spaces are once again available, we will return. Who knows, at that time, members may enjoy a mix of both!

No doubt, more than a few RWS members can list favorite YouTube woodworking personalities, perhaps even attending their classes. Now members can attend RWS ON-LINE workshops to learn from other members and our selection of national speakers. Visit a member’s shop, get ideas to improve your shop or tools, discover a new skill, converse during the meeting from the com-fort of your home. It’s not the traditional full Saturday. National Workshops average 2 hours. Local Workshops are 60 to 90 minutes. The remaining time can be used to experiment with what you learned while fresh in your mind. See here to review the first RWS ON-LINE Local Workshop where 28 people participated.

  • Photo bombs courtesy of yours truly.
  • Learning experience: mute your audio /video.
  • Temporarily un-mute for intended comments only.

See here the first RWS “Show and Tell” on-line event.


More on local workshops and “Show and Tell” here https://www.rochesterwoodworkers.org/

Beginner or accomplished woodworkers can share works at “Show and Tell” or a skill at a local on-line workshop. See the RWS ON-LINE Mobile Studio Over-view elsewhere in this newsletter. Members are welcome to participate. We provide a single person as moderator, camera and audio support.

In closing, we are doing something new. The knowledge and experience within the membership and a few national/local woodworking organizations have enabled us to create RWS ON-LINE. Local events are free. National events are only $10. The weather is not a worry and on-line is pandemic neutral.

Looking forward to seeing you online soon,
Norm Erwin, Local Workshop Coordinator