And the sign said, “Help wanted” —

You may have heard that Connie Gates will soon step down from her position as RWS Librarian. Thank you, Connie, for your years of service to RWS members. You have been a joy! But her position won’t go vacant, because John Alescio, who has been the Local Workshop Chairman for many years is stepping over. Thank you John, for many really GREAT workshops, they couldn’t have happened without your efforts, and thanks for volunteering to continue serving as Librarian.

That brings us to filling John’s position. The Local Workshop Chairman is a key position in RWS. Because these workshops are central to our mission, and they don’t happen by themselves, we need a volunteer. You don’t have to be a long-term member of RWS, and you don’t have to be a woodworking expert. In fact, it’s fine if you are not since you have the opportunity to participate in all of the workshops for free.

Here’s what you would do:

  1. attend monthly board meetings (6:30PM, first Tuesday of the month, September through June)
  2. work with the board to choose and schedule the workshops (about 10 per year, Saturdays)
  3. coordinate location, resources and instructor for each workshop
  4. attend each local workshop (or get a sub) to insure location is setup, waivers are signed, lunch is ordered, and clean-up is completed
  5. optionally, participate in all workshops at no charge

Have you enjoyed and learned from the workshops? Would you like to do more of them? Would you like to pay-it-forward? Consider it.

(If we get multiple volunteers, we’ll have a jousting match to pick the winner.)

Al Kupchella

Chairman, RWS