RWS and You

One of the things the RWS Board cares about is where you want RWS to go. After all, this is an organization whose only purpose is to serve its members. In this newsletter, I’d like to start a dialogue between the Board and you to find out more about your interests and how we can better serve you.

To begin, let me summarize the activities you enjoy as a member. We have five to seven National Lectures and Workshops per year, eight to ten Local Workshops, several SIGs and a Showcase every other year.

So, let me pose a few questions. What would you like to see in addition to or instead of these activities? Are there some we should modify? Are you satisfied with the selection of speakers? Are there particular topics you’d like to see more (or less) of at the National Lectures or Local Work-shops? Are there additional SIGS you would like to see? Is cost a factor when deciding whether or not to attend a workshop or rejoin RWS? Would you like to have a fully equipped workshop for member use, and would you be willing to pay an additional fee to use it?

This is not intended to be a complete list of questions, but hope-fully it will inspire you to examine the things you like or dislike about RWS and to share your thoughts with us. To let us know what you think, email us at bod@rochesterwoodworkers.org. We welcome your comments.

Here are a few news items to note.

  • We’ve added a new face to our web site. Thanks to our webmaster, Juan Ruiz, the web site now has more content, is more interactive and easier to navigate. Look for additional changes in the future.
  • Our lineup of speakers for next year is taking shape. We’re looking forward to Marc Adams in September and Steve Latta in October. Both are familiar faces to long time RWS members. We hope to have a talk on turning in November and will host Mark Hedin in March. Check back with our web site for more updates.

David Sumberg