Tis the season for reflecting —

As this year winds down with the holidays upon us, my mind has been going a million miles an hour thinking about how fast life flies by, about this charmed life I have been given, about what I have and haven’t yet done with it, and fretting over whether I’ll continue to be blessed with the time to do the things I am planning, and if I will choose the right things…

Just now, I had to catch my breath. Breath deep. Slow down. To know what I want to do, I need to know what I want to do when I grow up. Oh darn, there is that question again. (Haven’t you asked yourself that question your whole life too?) I have always envied those that seemed to KNOW what they wanted.

And then I remembered one little event from about the seventh grade. The teacher asked us each that dreaded ‘what do you want to do’ question. I remember my answer. I said, “I want to make things that will outlive me.” I think the teacher was impressed. I think the girl I had a crush on was impressed too, which is probably the reason I remember it. Anyway, that’s my answer, and although for a long long time it has seemed too broad of an answer to be helpful, I now realize that no, it isn’t too broad. It’s right on the money. I just need to relax enough to go with it.

My wish for each of you is to have all of the joy and gratitude you can stand, the perspective to know yourself and to know what you want, and the good fortune to go with it. Now let’s go make some stuff!

Al Kupchella