Holy Cow Moments

Greetings RWS members,

Thank you for this opportunity to serve as your new Chairman. I am very grateful for the experiences that RWS has provided me, and I intend to repay that favor by doing all I can to sustain and enhance the RWS experience for others in the Rochester community – to learn from great speakers, workshops and each other, and share the joy of common interests! I know that sounds pretty lofty, but it’s true.

A little about myself. I never had a woodworking job or formal training, so I am an amateur. But I have had lots of informal training, from my father trying to convince me that coping an inside corner of trimwork was better than miter cuts, to on-the-job training in a tiny machine-shop, to many DIY projects. Since moving to this area a few years ago and finding RWS (what a GREAT find!), I have been filling in a lot of holes in my woodworking knowledge, some of them rather gaping. I love the experience of making things and learning new tricks. And I love sharing that experience.

A few years ago, I put a spade bit in the tailstock of a wood lathe. A wood block was mounted to the faceplate. I cranked the not-spinning bit into the spinning wood as my youngest son looked on. As the chips began to pour out of the emerging hole, he said, “Holy cow! That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!” It was a thrill for me to see his excitement in learning something really cool and unexpected, like so many holy cow moments I have had.

I hope RWS can continue to provide you with many more holy cow moments – your own and the thrill of sharing someone else’s.

See the newsletter and the website for information on this year’s lineup of speakers and workshops. It’s going to be a great season. John Alescio has teamed up with Gene McCabe to provide a great selection of local and national speaker workshops. And Jim Begley is bringing factory tours back to RWS this year!

Al Kupchella