About two years ago I began my term as RWS Chairman. The position was about to become vacant, and as our bylaws state, only an existing board member can assume the chairmanship. As one of the longer serving members on the Board, I agreed to accept the nomination. Growing older seems to make time go faster, and two years have gone by quickly. With mixed emotions I’m about to relinquish the reins into the capable hands of the Board’s nominee for this position, Al Kupchella. Al joined the Board several years ago and is well known for the splendid job he’s done producing the newsletter. I’m sure Al will continue to excel in his new role. Al will be replaced as Newsletter Chair by Gary Tviet, a long time member of RWS. Welcome aboard, Gary! In addition, Greg Zaccardo will be joining the Speaker Selection Committee.

For the foreseeable future the Board is in good hands, but there are still empty positions to fill. For several years our web master has done double duty serving both in that role and as Membership Chair. Someone to take over as Membership Chair would be most welcome. In addition, the chairman of our Speaker Selection Committee is ending his term and needs to be replaced. I think RWS is in good shape, but if we are to continue providing the quality programs to which you’ve all become accustomed, others have to step up. The tasks are not hard ones, and in my experience, the rewards far outweigh any other consideration.

At our final meeting on April 27 we held the election to fill vacant positions for next season, but it’s never too late to think about how you can contribute.

David Sumberg