Virtual Visit: David will do both his Friday evening presentation and his Saturday workshop via Zoom.

Dave Fisher has been finding inspiration in the woods around his home in Western Pennsylvania since he was a boy.  About fifteen years ago, he began to apply his woodworking and carving skills to green wood.  Using traditional edge tools, he carves green logs and branches into bowls, spoons, containers, and other sculptural forms, often enhanced with carved lettering.  Dave is fascinated with the flow of lines, the sensation of texture, and the play of light and shadow.  His designs are guided by those elements as well as the unique nature of each piece of tree.  Dave shares his knowledge and enthusiasm by writing articles for Fine Woodworking Magazine as well as through his blog and teaching.  In addition to woodworking, he has been teaching high school history in his hometown for 28 years.

David’s Friday presentation (Feb 19 @ 6:45) will be Greenwood Carving: Finding Flow

Green woodworking can imply more than just the general notion of working wood that is still relatively fresh with a high moisture content.  Among other things, the term connotes the idea of working with nature, sensitively considering the unique attributes of each bit of tree.  The carver adapts to what nature has provided.  This can be a serendipitous journey between hands and material as the destination is gradually revealed.  

Dave will present examples of his work and working methods through the theme of flow.  He finds many opportunities to explore flow through greenwood carving, as it relates to design, material, nature, and mind.  Dave will explain his approach to design and how we can take inspiration from nature to imbue our pieces with a sense of movement and life.  He will encourage the same sense of playfulness he had as a boy looking for cool sticks.

David’s Saturday morning demonstration workshop (Feb 20th from 9am – 11am) is titled Adze Techniques and Carving Flowing Flutes

David’s workshop will be in two parts:
Part 1: Adze technique.  A demonstration of hollowing a bowl with an adze as well as other techniques and uses with this versatile and timeless tool.

Part 2: Carving Flowing Flutes.  Dave will demonstrate how he carves curving, tapering flutes to enhance surfaces.

The cost of this workshop is $10.

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