One thing I love about hand tool woodworking is that it is perfect for kids or grand-kids. I have the pleasure of working with and teaching my 10 year old grandson Kyle. We are building 2 wall clocks: one out of cherry and the other out of mahogany. He will pick the one he wants after the final coat of shellac is dry.

201502-img01This is a wonderful project out of Paul Seller’s Master Class as it requires several different joints and techniques using only hand tools: stopped dado’s, grooves, stub tenons, small decorative beads as Kyle is demonstrating and yes, the raised panel and round over’s in the background were all done with my trusty #4 hand plane. But to be fair, I do consider myself a Hybrid woodworker. For all sizing of the components I do use my power tools when Kyle is not around.

Speaking of hand tools, you can do a lot with a couple of sharp gouges to spruce up a piece of furniture. Why not learn from a Master like Bob Yorburg on the Feb 21 st? There are still a few spots left in his workshop.

Learning how to carve fits in nicely with Glen Huey’s workshop in March on Building and Decorating Small Boxes. There is no better way to decorate a small box than with a small carving.

Then in April, Bob Couture and Rich Towsley will teach us how to make Shaker Oval Boxes. Another great project for kids.

Then rounding out our year of workshops we have Garrett Hack teaching us his methods of Precision with Hand Tools.

Are you sensing a theme here? Most everyone can run a table saw and router, but what separates the average woodworker from the craftsman is their ability to use hand tools along with the power tools.
When you learn to sharpen and use hand tools properly, it will take your woodworking to the next level.