What could be better than this time of year; warm weather. Football gearing up and thinking about heading back into the workshop!

Most of us take the Summer off from woodworking replacing it with other activities. Some of us stay the course and continue making things year round.

But now for all of us, it is time to start thinking about RWS and this year’s exciting activities.

The RWS Board has been busy making preparations and finishing schedules to bring you a great line up of National Speakers and workshops. More to come about this later in the newsletter.

Some of our Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) will be off and running before our 1st National meeting. I f you have never been to one of our 5 SIG meetings, you don’t know what you are missing. They are diverse, no special skills required to join and best of all, they are free with an RWS membership. More on the SIG’s later….

Another membership benefit to take advantage of are the club discounts we receive. The full list is in the Membership Information packet you received when you signed up.

And speaking of discounts, if you have been coveting one of your neighbors shiny new hand tools, help is on the way. We have Lie Nielsen coming in January for a tool show. What could be better then receive a Lie Nielsen Gift Card for Christmas and couple that together with a tool show discount.

Connie has been busy with the purchase of new materials for the Library. You can get a current spreadsheet listing, all nicely sorted right from our website.

As you know before each National Speaker takes the stage we have Pre-show activities. This pre-show period gives our members time to mingle, sell a few things and Show and Tell what they have been working on. We want to put more emphasis on Show and Tell and what you have been working on. As most of you know, anyone that brings a Show and Tell item gets a raffle ticket for a chance at a Gift Certificate. We have decided to double your chances and now offer 2 Gift Cards. thereby doubling your chances to win when you display. Keep in mind, a display item can be a “work in progress”, sub assembly, a jig, a brief demo on a new tool or something else. I t does not have to be a completed item.

At our 1st National meeting in September, you will be seeing some folks with different colored badges. These signify a new member and we wanted to highlight them so us old timers can properly welcome them to the club. So when you see a new member, take the time to introduce yourself.

Just a quick reminder that we are busy working on our plans for our next Showcase in April. More info later in the newsletter.