Looking back….. moving forward

As we come to a close of another successful RWS woodworking season, it is time to reflect on what has happened and where we are headed.

With membership on the rise, we are on sound financial footing. Paul Wilkins, RWS Treasurer is doing a fantastic job keeping our finances in line and our accounts in order.

Having sound finances enables us to bring in the best woodworkers out there for our National lectures and workshops. I t allows us to keep the tuition for these workshops low. I f you don’t believe me, do an internet search on woodworking guilds and see what other organizations charge for their workshops.

I hope you take advantage of these workshops, not only do you learn the skills directly related to the subject at hand, but there are always unexpected “goodies” picked up over the course of the workshop. Case in point: Glen Huey showed us a neat way to cut thin stripes on the table saw and then how to “plane” these thin strips using a small oscillating sander. Andy Towt and his National Speaker team did a fantastic job developing the lineup of speakers we had this year covering nearly all aspects of woodworking.

Even though you may have attended one of our workshops, you probably do not know about the coordination that goes into them: The set up/tear down, roster of students, lunch orders and coordination with CP Rochester and more. Our workshop Coordinator, John Alescio takes care of all of this and has done a fantastic job this last year.

Another benefit of good finances allows us to have probably the best woodworking library in the Nation. Connie Gates, RWS Librarian has everything cataloged and sorted for easy access. Plus she lugs many titles to each of our National meetings. Our library is truly a marvel thanks to all her hard work. In case you forgot, you can download a spreadsheet right from our website. I t contains everything we have in the library in a sort able format and can be borrowed by any RWS member.

Our Web Master is Dave Sumberg. Dave does a fantastic job at keeping things current and relevant. We always get comments from our National Speakers on the quality of the website and ease of navigation. Check it out. There is a load of great info.

Juan Ruiz is our Membership Chair. You have seen him at our National meetings handing out name tags, but he does much more. He has developed a Welcoming package for our new members and does a fantastic job of handling the workshop sign- up activities.

Rich Towsley is our Newsletter Chair. Rich works with all of us on newsletter content then organizes and publishes one of the best newsletters in the Nation.

There are many other folks to thank that make our club a success: The Special Interest Group (SIG) Leaders that coordinate their monthly discussions and presentations. We also have a Volunteer core that help with special assignments as well as volunteers that donate finished items and time to organizations like CP Rochester, Lollipop Farm and others. This is what it takes to make RWS run well. Please take the time to thank the board members and our volunteers.

As we look forward, our plans revolve around our mission: “….. provide a forum for the learning and enhancement of the woodworking skills of its members.” As we prepare for next season that starts in September, we have another great line-up of speakers and workshops as well as our Showcase in April of 2016.