Not another theory on Food Safe Finishes! YEP! The LAST one! Finally, we can put this discussion to bed!


These are all the “Food Safe” finishes you have been using over the years right? Or, perhaps you have been told that if you don’t want to get poisoned, you better use a salad bowl finish on any surface that comes into contact with food.


You have been played!
You along with millions of others who fell for a
Marketing Scheme to sell more finish.

That’s right. It is just another one of those games played by the marketing division of the manufacturers of these products to get them to sell more finish.
In reality, these 3 products are simply wiping varnishes, a varnish that has been thinned down with mineral spirits. If it is a varnish, then it has metallic driers in it. OH NO!!! Not metallic driers!!!
Well, when it comes right down to it, once the finish cures, these drier molecules get trapped in the cross-linking process and it becomes totally safe. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers these and other non-lead driers to be safe for food contact when used in coatings.  The FDA goes on to say that the finish must be cured. That means DRY with all the solvents flashed off so you can’t smell it anymore.
But don’t take my word for it. There are two articles in the 2018 special edition of AAW , “Essential Utensils: Turning for the Kitchen“. One is written by Rob Wallace and the other one written by Bob Flexner.

So, when it comes down to selecting a finish where it might come in contact with food, lets not get all freaked out by all the hype you heard or read. It’s all baloney. Just select the finish as you would for any piece of furniture or accessory you make. Take into account color, protection, repair-ability, and  ease of application. That’s all there is to it!